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A Note About the Reopening of School

From the President’s Office at Oak Hill Academy

September 28, 2020

Michael D. Groves, Ph.D.

President, Oak Hill Academy

I am pleased to announce that Oak Hill Academy has now reached Phase 4 in our Plan to Re-open School. Our nurses have completed innumerable medical screenings and administered multiple tests for COVID throughout our community (e.g., students, faculty, and staff). Today we begin our 6th week of school — with all tests producing negative results.

Mr. Butt (Dean of Students) and Mr. Giszack (Principal) met with the students this morning to explain the details of the transition in this important next step to OHA’s “return to normalcy.” Students in Phase 4 only wear masks in larger gatherings and when entering/exiting the dining hall. Adults remain in Phase 2 throughout the entirety of the semester, with incoming students following the same path in lockstep as they advance through the phases (presently we have 5 students in a separate phase).

I appreciate everyone’s commitment to our family-like bubble. Yes, we have all been required to sacrifice at some level in the short-term—yet the larger goal of students receiving in-person instruction and experiencing face-to-face socialization with their peers is now within our grasp. Getting to this point did not happen by accident! It was often challenging, perhaps it only could have been achieved here on “The Hill,” and we must remain vigilant and protect our hard-earned bubble, but here we are… going to school TOGETHER.

What is Phase 4?

From 4 weeks after opening until end of semester

    • Limited large gatherings (all students and staff wear masks)
    • Disinfecting/sanitizing and handwashing around campus
    • Social distancing and mask-wearing eased among students
    • Staff continues wearing masks and practicing social distancing

Anticipated length of Phase 4: through the end of the semester

My best,
Michael D. Groves, Ph.D.