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By: Zoey Doan ’20, 21st Century Journalism Class.

Stephanie ’23 does her best to dodge the purple coming her way

Oak Hill Academy’s Color Run was vibrant. Offering tremendous Autumn views of campus, the course went down and up Oak Hill Road past Turner the Collins Triplex, around the soccer field, past English Academic Building and concluded down at Noonkester Lake, on campus. The traditional powdered color was tossed at participants as they finished. Runners included Elijah, Adeline, Carmen, Braelyn, Kevin, Corey, Landon, Bridget, Arthurline, Stephanie, McKenzie and Ms. Brown. Color throwers included Josh, Zoey, Alex, Skylar, Erin, Jehu, Jude, Lydia and Mrs. Butt.

Top male and female finishers: Corey & Arthurline

Corey ‘19 came in first place for the men, finishing with a laugh and great speed. Kevin ’19 finished in second place for the men, covered in color. He exclaimed happily, “I’m speechless; it was just that amazing!” For the ladies, Arthurline ’21 finished in first place, with a huge smile on her face. She stated, “It was a good experience, and it was fun.” Running in second place for the ladies with a determined look on her face, was Bridget ‘20. Impressively carrying the Cannons’ daughter up Oak Hill Road, Girls’ Resident Manager Ms. Brown exclaimed, “I’m tired, and my legs are sore!”

After the run, Director of Student Affairs, Mr. Butt, serving as the Color Run coordinator, passed out fruit and water. A colorful group posed for photos at the lake finish line.